Placer County Mediation


Our firm uniquely offers simple fee packages with fixed rates, allowing you to know the total costs of your divorce up front. Packages are flexible, so you aren’t locked in if your needs change. At your consultation, the mediator will help you determine which package and fee structure will work best for you. For more information on our fees and services, please contact us.


Step-By-Step Divorce

  • Step One: Prepare, Serve and File Summons & Petition: $450
  • Step Two: Meeting Financial Disclosure Requirements: $550
  • Step Three: Constructing Settlement: $375
  • Step Four: Drafting Marital Settlement Agreement and Judgment Packet, Submit to Court: $1500

A La Carte Services:

  • Drafting Marital Settlement Agreement and Judgment Packet: $1875
  • Marital Settlement Review and consultation: $550
  • Joinder: $375
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order: $550
  • Hourly consultations: $175 first hour, $375/hr thereafter

Other Costs of Divorcing:

  • California Filing Fee: $435 per party (this fee applies to all divorcing parties, whether mediating or going to court, with or without an attorney)
  • Notary fees: $30 per party

We pride ourselves on providing excellent legal and mediation services at affordable rates. We do not use paralegals or non-attorneys to draft documents. Please view our testimonials page for client feedback on our services and rates.

Fees are liable to change without notice at any time.

Roseville Mediation Services

Why Mediation?

Private, confidential mediation provides an alternative to court that allows you to resolve your divorce, separation, custody, support and property disputes in a respectful, efficient and affordable manner. Attorney Erika Englund is a trained mediator, helping parties to identify their interests, address their conflict, and resolve their disputes without the hassle, stress, delay, and cost of a typical divorce. LEARN MORE>


With our newest package, you can Divorce in a Day™ with the guidance and support of a trained attorney mediator! Contact us to set a free consultation.

Special news for Placer County cases – Our Roseville office is up and running! We offer services and packages unique to Placer County. Call for more details. GET MORE NEWS>

Thanks for helping us make the transition a smooth one and I appreciate all the advice and patience you had with us. I thought you were fair and very knowledgeable and I would certainly refer someone to you should the need arise. – client, 2012   READ MORE TESTIMONIALS>