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Divorce In A Day™

  • Divorce in a Day™: Our newest package combines the full support of Mediation with the efficiency of DIY Divorce™! Designed for couples who are motivated to get through the divorce process as quickly as possible without sacrificing personal attention to every legal and procedural detail, our unique process provides unheard of expediency and support. The Divorce in a Day™ fee is just $2850, or $1425 per participant, saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars, many months, and untold aggravation, when compared to a typical court divorce. To learn more about whether the Divorce in a Day™ process can help you and your spouse get a resolution without red tape, contact us for a free consultation.

Other Services

Whether you are in mediation or in court, if you are seeking confidential legal advice and guidance on matters related to child custody, child support, divorce, legal separation, property and retirement division, or spousal support, Erika Anne Englund, Attorney-Mediator provides affordable options to assist you:

  • For cases that are in court or may be going to court: Contact Ms. Englund for a confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights and obligations. Ms. Englund can assist you in preparing or responding to motions, calculating child and spousal support, setting your case for trial, proper preparation for child custody mediation, and negotiating with opposing counsel. Ms. Englund will inform you of the law, how it applies to your case, and what a range of practical results may be if you go to court. A consultation will assist you in gaining the basic understanding of how to – and when not to- represent yourself. Consultation rates are $175 for the first hour, $350/hr thereafter.
  • For cases that are in mediation: Obtaining independent, confidential attorney review of your mediation agreements is an important component of your mediation process, but please be cautious about choosing a consulting attorney. Courtroom attorneys are usually NOT trained to work within the mediation process, and, unfortunately, their adversarial perspective may upset the delicate balance that you achieved in mediation. Ms. Englund’s background as a family law attorney and a professional mediator means that she can help you understand the legal and practical implications of your agreements while respecting the give-and-take mediation dynamic. Consultation rates are $175 for the first hour, $375/hr thereafter, $550 flat fee for a comprehensive MSA review.
  • If your spouse does not wish to attend mediation, but will not contest the divorce: There are options allowing you to resolve your case out of court. Proceeding with an uncontested or default matter may allow you the benefit of attorney representation without the cost, acrimony, or stress of court. In either case, Ms. Englund represents only you, but pledges to work cooperatively with your spouse in a manner that is geared to efficient, productive resolution. Rates for representation are set on a flat-fee basis, giving you the assurance that your up-front fee will cover every document, telephone call, and negotiation that is needed to resolve your matter. Uncontested packages are $1650.

Please note that Ms. Englund DOES NOT represent clients in court. If you are seeking an attorney to represent you in court, you may contact Ms. Englund for referrals.

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Why Mediation?

Private, confidential mediation provides an alternative to court that allows you to resolve your divorce, separation, custody, support and property disputes in a respectful, efficient and affordable manner. Attorney Erika Englund is a trained mediator, helping parties to identify their interests, address their conflict, and resolve their disputes without the hassle, stress, delay, and cost of a typical divorce. LEARN MORE>


With our newest package, you can Divorce in a Day™ with the guidance and support of a trained attorney mediator! Contact us to set a free consultation.

Special news for Placer County cases – Our Roseville office is up and running! We offer services and packages unique to Placer County. Call for more details. GET MORE NEWS>

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