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Our DIY Divorce™ package is uniquely created to streamline the divorce process. We designed divorce facilitation to provide the most efficient, affordable resolution to couples without sacrificing attorney guidance and support throughout every stage. The DIY Divorce™ is specially tailored for couples who can work together, or for less complex divorces, or for couples who seek the fastest resolution time.

If you and your spouse feel that you do not need to spend thousands of dollars and many months on divorce mediation, but at the same time, you are understandably anxious about trying to navigate the court system without any professional guidance, the DIY package might be right for you. It strikes a balance between reasonable fees and professional legal services, and attends to all of your questions and concerns along the way.

Divorce facilitation offers many of the same benefits of mediation, yet at lower cost. If you and your spouse would like more information about DIY Divorcing™, please contact our office to set a free consultation. We will answer all of your questions, and help you decide whether DIY Divorce™ is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the “Do-it-Yourself” Divorce package:

What is the “Do-it-Yourself” Divorce package?

The DIY Divorce™ provides guidance and structure to parties seeking to resolve their divorce without going to court, by representing themselves, with structure and guidance provided by an attorney-mediator acting as your Divorce Facilitator. This is an alternative to court that may allow you to resolve your divorce, separation, custody, support and property disputes in a respectful, efficient and affordable manner. We know of NO ONE else in the area providing this unique resolution method.

Your DIY Divorce™ can be accomplished in as little as one month, however, if you and your spouse would prefer to take your time with the process, you are encouraged to do so. The Facilitator works on your timeline.
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The Role of the Facilitator and the Participants

The facilitator will provide the structure within which the participants will negotiate all details of their divorce on their own. The Facilitator will provide neutral guidance as to law and procedure, but it is up to the participants to negotiate all agreements on their own time. The participants will draft and file opening paperwork on their own, but with guidance, forms, samples and checklists provided by the Facilitator. The Facilitator will meet with the participants to review all agreements. Then, the Facilitator will draft and file your final package of divorce paperwork, including the settlement agreement. This arrangement allows couples to have the benefit of an attorney-drafted contract without the higher fees of mediation or attorney representation. Please note that the legal and procedural requirements for filing a divorce are quite complex. The DIY package is designed to give you support at every stage, and it leaves the most complex portion of the case – drafting and filing the final agreement – in the hands of the trained attorney-facilitator. If your divorce agreement is not accepted by the Court for any reason, we will fix it immediately – and for free!
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Cost for DIY Divorcing™:

The fixed fee for complete cooperative divorce resolution services is $2450, paid at the time that you sign your contract. Other than court fees ($435 per party) and notary fees ($30 per party), you should not expect to pay any other fees and costs to complete the divorce process (unless your case has unusual components, and in which case the mediator will clearly explain potential additional charges in advance). Beware of law firms that claim to provide divorces for extremely low cost! Since Attorneys charge $300-$600 an hour, payment of a $995 for a divorce is not likely to buy you much attorney time! With the DIY package, you will only be working with an attorney, and all of your documents will be prepared by an attorney. Plus, you have the benefit of a meeting with your spouse and the attorney-mediator to ensure proper agreement on all issues and that all legal requirements are met. Whenever you or your spouse have a question, it will be answered by an attorney-mediator, and, since you pay a flat fee, you are never charged an additional fee. If you are planning to pay for the experience, education, and attention of an attorney…be sure you actually get an attorney, as you do with the DIY package.
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The DIY Process:

After your free DIY Divorce™ consultation, you will be provided a contract for review and signature. Once the contract has been reviewed by both parties, and returned with payment of your fees, you will each be provided a DIY starter packet that is specifically tailored to the issues in your case. This packet will contain all of the forms (including instructions) needed to begin your divorce, as well as checklists to guide your negotiations with your spouse.

When each of you have completed your DIY starter packet, you will schedule a joint meeting with the Facilitator. This 2-hour meeting will be used to answer your questions, review your checklists to ensure complete agreements and understanding, and certify that you have met all legal requirements. You may also use your time to engage the facilitator to assist you and your spouse in coming to agreement on any remaining or disputed issues.

Within 10 business days of this meeting, the facilitator will have your final divorce paperwork prepared and ready for your signatures! You never need to attend a court hearing.
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Any Other Questions?

Please contact us to schedule your free DIY Divorce™ consultation. We look forward to sharing this unique, affordable option with you and your spouse.
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